It all starts with you

Good afternoon everyone! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks snow, and taken each day as a new beginning to work on the most important thing, YOU! As part of my main goal for my blog, I want to encourage readers to realize that anyone can begin their yoga journey at any time. Whether you are young or old, male or female, yoga is for everyone.

In order to begin your new yoga practice, it is important to start somewhere you feel most comfortable. Living in Glassboro, I have been fortunate enough to attend weekly classes at Rowan’s rec center. But for those of you that are looking for studios in south Jersey, I have done some research to find beautiful (and affordable) yoga studios in our area.

Some of the best studios I have found for you inspiring or already practicing yogis include:

  1. Experience Yoga Studio (Turnersville)
  2. Yoga Inspired Studio (Pitman)
  3. Bikram Yoga Studio (Voorhees)
  4. Yoga Center of Haddonfield 

All of these studios provide beginner classes, hot yoga, and intermediate classes for great prices! Along with these studios, I want to encourage readers to look into Living Social, which provides single and group packages for everything from yoga class to wine tasting events! It really is  worth the shot.

Hopefully these sites are helpful to start your year off right by choosing to help your body with the ancient practice of yoga. Remember that nobody can make positive changes in your life, but you! Take the first step and sign up for a class, don’t be shy! Your body will thank you later, trust me.



Your window of opportunity
Your window of opportunity



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