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Tunes for the Mind

Good evening yogis!

This week has been a bit challenging, coming back from spring break. Despite all of the studying and work we had to get back to, I made time (mostly evenings) to find my inner peace and do yoga in my apartment.

My roommate and I were discussing what playlist we should use, because the one we have been using is becoming a bit redundant. So I was on a quest to find a new yoga playlist that would be fresh and new.

Some of the free playlists that I found were worth a listen were, and 

Both of these sites are very useful, and have different types of music for every ear. I personally enjoy more of a fast paced rhythm, but to each is own! I hope this helps your search for a fun new routine that you can really vibe to. After all, music really helps the mind and body connect.

Have a wonderful week! Namaste.



New Yoga Studio in East Brunswick!

Hey yogis!

Since I will be home for spring break this week, I wanted to share with you a new studio I found that opened here in my hometown of East Brunswick (so excited!)

The name of the studio is called New Yoga City, and is located right on Route 18! For all of those who live in the central Jersey area/ Middlesex county, you should check it out! I know I will be going this week while on break.

Be kind to your body,

Gabby 🙂


Yoga Around The World

Beginner, Advanced, and All in Between

Good evening fellow yogis!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, relaxing and all before this snow storm (!!!) During this hectic work week, I took some time to look yoga events in our general area. Many people have been posting stuff on twitter about local yoga events, but I thought it might be interesting to see if there was a more regional kind. In my research, I discovered a yoga convention in NYC that is next month!!

Yoga Journal LIVE! is one of the worlds most recognized yoga organization that educates yoga practitioners of all levels. They are holding multiple conferences around the country and stopping in NYC on April 24-28th! Anyone who is interested in attending can register as soon as possible.

The convention is closer than we think, only 52 days away!! To find out more deets on the New York convention, check out Yoga Journal LIVE! website.

I hope this gets you excited as you continue your journey to becoming more flexible and finding your inner peace!

Namaste 🙂